Welcome to Schnittger Property Management.

At Schnittger Property Management Ltd we specialise solely in the management of Commercial Business Parks where there is an owner Management Company in place. Our current portfolio is comprised of Commercial Business Parks in the greater Dublin and North Wicklow areas and our team can offer the complete managing agent function, for the management of the common areas, to all of our Commercial Business Park clients.

We are not involved in the selling, letting, or any management function regarding actual properties in any Commercial Business Park, but concentrate solely on the Managing Agent function as described above.

 We do not manage residential estates, retail, or apartment complexes.

 We work closely with Management Company Directors in all of the Business Parks under our management to ensure that we are aware of any issues that may arise and that we deal with such issues promptly. We agree all budgets with the Management Company Directors, have them approved by the members at Annual General meeting, and we strictly control all expenditure within such agreed budgets. To date we have managed to maintain service charges at acceptable levels and in several instances have reduced these by maintaining strict control on expenditure and by tendering for all services that are required.

Our mantra is that a well-managed and well-presented Commercial Business Park with a strong balance sheet greatly assists in maintaining property values.


The quality of our Service is our hallmark and what differentiates us from our competitors within our industry.

Price is a perception: of more relevance is value. We are quite happy to be benchmarked against our competitors.